Diabetic Care Supplies


Millions Need Diabetic Supplies


Data collected as recently as 2015 by nationally recognized diabetes associations noted that over 29 million Americans had diabetes with nearly a million and a half new cases reported every year. Diabetes is clearly one of the biggest health concerns in the US, and many people with diabetes simply do not have adequate insurance to provide for the supplies and medications they need to treat this disease and to avoid serious complications that can prevail. On average, the cost for each prescription for blood glucose testing stripes and additional diabetic supplies is about $800. Diabetic supplies, such as glucose meters, control solutions, test strips, lancets, and lancing devices are basic supplies need to help manage this condition that you can now afford with discount diabetic care supplies.

Affordable Diabetic Supply Discount Plans


If you or any one in your immediate family is in need of diabetic supplies, you will definitely benefit from enrolling in product packages that can save you up to 48% on supplies that you need to monitor and control this chronic condition. Packages start at just $29.99 a month and you receive regular home shipments on all of your basic diabetic supplies. As an added bonus, you will be able to enjoy toll-free ordering and free shipping that is included in some packages.